Fish chocolate


Taiga Chocolate Oy started its business in 2018. The Finnish company produces chocolate tablets with unusual tastes. They make dark chocolates with northern berries, such as lingonberry, bilberry and sea buckthorn.

However, they impressed the world with a series of dark chocolate with smelt fish. A bar is made of delicious handmade chocolate and every piece of it contains a small dried fish.

In addition to berry chocolates, Taiga combines dark chocolate with not only fish but also reindeer crisps and house crickets.

♦️Lingonberry [ˈlɪngənberɪ] брусникa

♦️Bilberry [ˈbɪlbərɪ] черникa

♦️Sea-buckthorn [siːˈbʌkθɔːn] облепиха

♦️Smelt [smelt] корюшка

♦️Reindeer crisps [ˈreɪndɪə krısps] чипсы из оленины, наструганная вяленая оленина

♦️House crickets [‘haus ˈkrɪkɪts] домашние сверчки