Doctor No — level -5

James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the sudden disappearance of the island’s Governor and his assistant. When he arrives, 007 begins to suspect that the Governor’s absence is in some way linked to Dr No, the reclusive owner of a remote island which lies between Cuba and Jamaica. There have been several strange deaths on this island, which the local people blame on a mysterious and terrifying’dragon’. Bond decides to pay a secret visit to the island. But he is not the only person to land there.

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Treasure Island — Level 2

Treasure Island — Level 2

A young boy, Jim Hawkins, lives quietly by the sea with his mother and father. One day, Billy Bones comes to live with them and from that day on everything is different. Jim meets Long John Silver and they travel the seas to find TreasureIsland.
First published in 1883, this is one of the most famous adventure stories ever written in English. Recommended for younger learners.

Red Roses — level 0

Red Roses — level 0

«Who is the man with the roses in his hand?» thinks Anna. «I want to meet him.» ’’Who is the girl with the guitar?’ thinks Will. «I like her. I want to meet her.» But they do not meet. «There are lots of men!» says Anna’s friend Vicki, but Anna cannot forget Will. And then, one rainy day….

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Marcel and the Shakespeare Letters — level 0

На ежегодный фейерверк в Лондоне 5 ноября, Марсель едет на отдых к своему другу, Генри. Генри живет по соседству с профессором, который находит несколько уникальных писем, написанных самим Уильямом Шекспиром. Когда Марсель и Генри отправляются посмотреть на них, они обнаруживают, что писем нет. Кто-то украл их! Но Марсель — детектив, и он должен найти Шекспировские письма. Захватывающий мистический триллер с участием Марселя — французского детектива-мыши.

There are fireworks in London on 5th November when Marcel goes to stay with his friend, Henry. Henry lives next door to a professor who is looking after some very special letters written by William Shakespeare. When Marcel and Henry go to look at them, they are not there. Someone has stolen them! But Marcel is a detective, and he has to find the Shakespeare letters. A thrilling mystery novel featuring Marcel, the French mouse detective.

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New Yorkers — Level 1

A housewife, a tramp, a lawyer, a waitress, an actress ordinary people living ordinary lives in New York at the beginning of this century. The city has changed greatly since that time, but its people are much the same. Some are rich, some are poor, some are happy, some are sad, some have found love, some are looking for love.

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The Sign of Four — level 5

After the disappearance of her father, Miss. Mary Morstam receives a mysterious message full of ominous promises. Even more mysterious, accompanying the letter, was a beautiful set of pearls. Not knowing who sent the message, or the meaning of the pearls, she turns to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson.

The fisherman and his wife — level 0

The fisherman and his wife — level 0

Сказка о Рыбаке и Золотой рыбке. Аудиокнига для начального уровня. Используются 200 слов и следующие грамматические правила: Present Simple Tense, модальный глагол Can, конструкция There is/are.

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Journey to the center of the Earth — Level 1

Путешествие к центру Земли

«There is life in the heart of this planet… water and beaches and trees. But I do not know if we will survive this dangerous adventure!» It is 1880. Professor Lidenbrock, his young nephew and their mysterious guide set off on a fantastic journey to uncover the truth about a famous scientist’s work. Through a volcano and down, down, down they climb into the deep dark Earth, where mysterious wonders wait to amaze them. Led by notes in a lost language, the three make their way into a world unchanged for thousands of years. But will they return from the unknown to tell their fantastic tale?

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The Coldest Place on Earth — Level 1

Эта гонка началась летом далекого 1910-го года. Два корабля, с двумя капитанами и двумя командами на боту, практически одновременно отправились в сторону южного полюса. Команда из  Великобритании во главе с капитаном Робертом Фальконом Скоттом на черном корабле «Терра Нова» и команда из Норвегии во главе с Роалдом  Амудсеном на корабле «Фрам». Английский капитан решил использовать пони и моторные сани и лишь немного собак, поскольку полагал, что они не смогут хорошо работать в условиях Арктики Когда оба корабля достигли Арктики, обе команды жаждали первыми попасть на южный полюс и установить там флаг своей страны. Всем известно, что Норвежцы лучшие лыжники в мире. Вдобавок у их команды было более хорошее снаряжение. Оба капитана совершают массу ошибок, из-за сильного желания первыми достичь южного полюса.

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Great Gatsby — Level 5

Anybody who is anybody wants to be seen at the glittering parties at Gatsby’s manion near New York City. But behind the glamorous facade lie mystery and tragedy. This masterpiece by F.Scott Fitzgerald was also made into a stylish film starring Robert Redford Аудио Great Gatsby - Level 5 - Audio (159 downloads) . Текст Great Gatsby - Level 5 - PDF (123 downloads)


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