Off to Osaka


Meg: Hey, Todd, I want to go to Osaka. What’s the best way?

Todd: The best way, you know, it kind of depends on your time and your cost, and your comfort. The easiest might be the ferry. So the ferry leaves everyday at 7 o’clock. And it goes overnight and it arrives in Osaka at I think 6 o’clock in the morning. So it’s a nice trip. You’re on the boat. You could kind of have dinner on the boat. You go to sleep and then you wake up, and then you’re there. And it costs about $70.

Meg: Sounds pretty good.

Todd: Yeah. It’s good. Yeah. But you sleep in a big area with other people. So it’s like a shared sleeping area.

Meg: Right. What are some other ways?

Todd: Well, if you have lots of money, you can take the train. The train is convenient because it leaves every hour from the downtown station and it takes about four hours, three and a half hours. You have to transfer the train once. But it leaves every hour. It costs a little bit. It costs, you know, about 300 bucks. But it’s an enjoyable ride and, you know, you’re never stuck in traffic.

Meg: So ferry, train; what else?

Todd: You can take a plane. There are two flights. One flight leaves early in the morning, another flight leaves in the afternoon. And that’s probably the fastest because if you fly there, it only takes one hour. But it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport. It’s outside of town. And then you have to get there an hour early for your flight and check in your bags and stuff. So it still takes door-to-door probably 45 hours. And also flights, they can be cheap, but they’re about 100 bucks.

Meg: Oh, okay. Are there any other ways?

Todd: There’s one other way. The cheapest way is actually going by bus. The good thing is, you know, the busses leave every hour. But you must take a bus to Fukuoka and then transfer in Fukuoka. And it takes a long time. It takes about eight hours to get there. But it only costs about 50 bucks. And there are some busses that go overnight.

Meg: That sounds pretty good. Well, I like to save money but the bus sounds a little boring. So maybe I’d rather sleep on the ferry.

Todd: Yeah. I think the ferry is the way to go.

Meg: Thanks.