Big Favor


Todd: Hey, Meg. I have a big favor. Can you help me out?

Meg: Sure, what do you need?

Todd: My parents are coming to visit me but I can’t go to the airport to pick them up. I have an important appointment. Do you think you can go to the airport and pick them up?

Meg: Yeah, absolutely. But what do your parents look like?

Todd: Yeah. Well, they look kind of unique actually, so you can’t miss them. My dad, he’s really tall, and he’s really hairy. He’s got big kind afro-like hair and he’s got facial. He’s got a Fu Manchu so he has a mustache and a little goatee, and he’s kind of muscular.

Meg: Wow. So I think I should be able to see your dad very easily.

Todd: Right. So you can’t miss him. And also my mom is pretty easy. She’s like kind of sixtyish. She’s in her 60’s and she kind of has blondish grayish hair. She’s kind of medium build. And she’s kind of average height.

Meg: Okay. Well, it sounds like no problem. I think I can find them at the airport.

Todd: Okay. There will be one other person with them and she might be the one actually looking around trying to find you. And that’s my niece.

Meg: Oh, what does your niece look like?

Todd: Okay. So she’s in her 20’s. She’s very thin, and she has long blond hair. And yeah, she’s quite energetic, so you’ll probably see her running around. So I have a feeling she’s going to be the one looking for you.

Meg: Okay, great. Then I’ll look for your niece.

Todd: Okay, great. I really appreciate this.

Meg: No problem.