Anatoliy Golitsyn.


Anatoliy Golitsyn is a Soviet KGB defector and author of two books about the long-term deception strategy of the KGB leadership. During his time in the Soviet Union, Golitsyn worked in the strategic planning department of the KGB with the rank of Major. On December 15, 1961, under the name Ivan Klimov, Golitsyn defected with his wife and daughter to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) via Helsinki, Finland. Upon arrival he was interviewed by CIA counter-intelligence director James Jesus Angleton. Golitsyn provided information on many famous Soviet double agents including Kim Philby, Donald Duart Maclean, Guy Burgess and John Vassall. He claimed that Harold Wilson (then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) was a KGB informer and agent of influence.

Golitsyn accused the KGB of killing British politician Hugh Gaitskell, so Harold Wilson could take over the Labour Party. Anatoliy Golitsyn successfully convinced CIA director James Angleton that the CIA had been infiltrated by numerous KGB agents. Golitsyn claimed that the KGB was using a campaign to learn how the CIA analyzed information, which was then used to manipulate America into helping the Soviet Union in its objectives. In response to this, James Angleton suspended the careers of multiple CIA officers who were under suspicion. Under most circumstances, the FBI and CIA did not support James Angleton or Anatoliy Galitsyn. In a notable account, Anatoliy Golitsyn suggested that the Sino-Soviet split was a deception plan to push America into the Vietnam War.

James Angleton went so far as to speculate that U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger might be under KGB influence. In response to Angleton’s actions, a man named William Colby was put in charge of reorganizing the CIA. He officially relinquished the influence of Angleton and Galitsyn. James Angleton accused numerous foreign leaders of being Soviet spies. This includes Canadian Prime Ministers Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson and members of the United States Congress. James Angleton’s resignation was announced on Christmas Eve of 1975.

In 1984, Anatoliy Golitsyn published a book titled New Lies for Old. The text describes a series of predictions about the future of world governments. In the text, Golitsyn predicts the collapse of the communist bloc. He warns about a long-term deception strategy designed to lull the West into a false sense of security, with the result being an economic crippling and diplomatic isolation of the United States. The book claims that “as early as 1959, the KGB was working up a plot to manipulate foreign public opinion on a global scale.” In an interesting twist, a large collection of the predictions made in Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book have become historically accurate.

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