Gulliver’s Travels — level 4


‘Soon I felt something alive moving along my leg and up my body to my face, and when I looked down, I saw a very small human being, only fifteen centimetres tall… I was so surprised that I gave a great shout.’ But that is only the first of many surprises which Gulliver has on his travels. He visits a land of giants and a flying island, meets ghosts from the past and horses which talk.

Gulliver’s Travels — level 4 — PDF (522 Загрузки)

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01 A Voyage to Lilliput
02 Life in Lilliput
03 Lilliput at War
04 Gulliver escapes from Lilliput
05 A voyage to Brobdingnag
06 Gulliver and his master
07 At the King’s palace
08 More adventures in Brobdingnag
09 Gulliver escapes from Brobdingnag
10 The Flying Island Of Laputa
11 Glubbdubdrib And Luggnagg
12 A Voyage The Country Of The Houynhnms