Journey to the center of the Earth — Level 1


Путешествие к центру Земли

«There is life in the heart of this planet… water and beaches and trees. But I do not know if we will survive this dangerous adventure!» It is 1880. Professor Lidenbrock, his young nephew and their mysterious guide set off on a fantastic journey to uncover the truth about a famous scientist’s work. Through a volcano and down, down, down they climb into the deep dark Earth, where mysterious wonders wait to amaze them. Led by notes in a lost language, the three make their way into a world unchanged for thousands of years. But will they return from the unknown to tell their fantastic tale?

Audio  Journey to the center of the Earth - Level 1 - Audio (1137 Загрузок )

Text  Journey to the center of the Earth - Level 1 - PDF (1288 Загрузок )

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