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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — Level 2

ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND ‘We’re all mad here, you know,’ said the Cheshire Cat. ‘I’m mad. You’re mad.’ ‘How do you know that I’m mad?’ said Alice. ‘Of course you’re mad,’ said the Cheshire Cat. ‘Only mad people come here.’ This is the story of Alice’s dream, one hot summer day long ago. A dream of Wonderland, where the White Rabbit wears gloves and the Caterpillar smokes a pipe . where the Mad Hatter is always having tea with the March Hare, and where the Queen of Hearts wants to cut off everyone’s head . . .


It’s all very strange, but then, anything can happen in a dream world.

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Marketing Tips with Justin Seeley and Brad Batesole

Become more productive and boost the impact of your marketing efforts with Brad Batesole’s weekly marketing tips on everything from social media to digital advertising to techniques and tools. Every week you’ll find a new and immediately actionable tip to help you build your community, track engagement, measure analytics, generate brand awareness, or help you accomplish other marketing goals. In addition to sharing from his bank of experience, Brad will answer questions submitted by lynda.com members. Send your question directly to him via brad@lynda.com and you might just see it in a future episode! Tune in every week to keep your marketing efforts fresh.

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Bill Gates — The speed of thought

В своей книге глава и генеральный директор Microsoft Билл Гейтс рассуждает, как технологии могут помочь бизнесу улучшиться сегодня и как они трансформируют природу бизнеса в ближайшем будущем. Гейтс подчеркивает необходимость для менеджеров рассматривать технологии не как затратные накладки, но и как стратегический актив, и предлагает подробные примеры от Microsoft, GM, Dell и многих других успешных компаний.

Скачайте мощную книгу «Бизнес со скоростью мысли» от удивительного автора — Билла Гейтса на английском языке.


Original description

In his new book, Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates discusses how technology can help run businesses better today and how it will transform the nature of business in the near future. Gates stresses the need for managers to view technology not as overhead but as a strategic asset, and offers detailed examples from Microsoft, GM, Dell, and many other successful companies. Companion Web site.

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Sherlock Holmes Short Stories — level 2

Three short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the famous Sherlock Holmes.
The Speckled Band
The Scandal in Bohemia
The Five Orange Pips
Retold by Clare West, Oxford University Press.

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The Story of the Internet — level 5

The Story of the Internet charts the development of an invention that has had a more dramatic effect on human communication than any since the telephone. From the first networked computers during the cold war to the Silicon Valley, this fascinating book tells the story of the major events that shaped the Internet as we know it today.

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Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde Level 4

You are walking through the streets of London. It is getting dark and you want to get home quickly. You enter a narrow side-street. Everything is quiet, but as you pass the door of a large, windowless building, you hear a key turning in the lock. A man comes out and looks at you. You have never seen him before, but you realize immediately that he hates you. You are shocked to discover, also, that you hate him.

Who is this man that everybody hates? And why is he coming out of the laboratory of the very respectable Dr Jekyll?


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Mary Shelley — Frankenstein — Level 2

Victor Frankenstein thinks he has found the secret of life. He takes parts from dead people and builds a new ‘man’. But this monster is so big and frightening that everyone runs away from him — even Frankenstein himself! The monster is like an enormous baby who needs love. But nobody gives him love, and soon he learns to hate. And, because he is so strong, the next thing he learns is how to kill . . .

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Doctor No — level -5

James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the sudden disappearance of the island’s Governor and his assistant. When he arrives, 007 begins to suspect that the Governor’s absence is in some way linked to Dr No, the reclusive owner of a remote island which lies between Cuba and Jamaica. There have been several strange deaths on this island, which the local people blame on a mysterious and terrifying’dragon’. Bond decides to pay a secret visit to the island. But he is not the only person to land there.

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Treasure Island — Level 2

Treasure Island — Level 2

A young boy, Jim Hawkins, lives quietly by the sea with his mother and father. One day, Billy Bones comes to live with them and from that day on everything is different. Jim meets Long John Silver and they travel the seas to find TreasureIsland.
First published in 1883, this is one of the most famous adventure stories ever written in English. Recommended for younger learners.

Red Roses — level 0

Red Roses — level 0

«Who is the man with the roses in his hand?» thinks Anna. «I want to meet him.» ’’Who is the girl with the guitar?’ thinks Will. «I like her. I want to meet her.» But they do not meet. «There are lots of men!» says Anna’s friend Vicki, but Anna cannot forget Will. And then, one rainy day….

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The extraordinary life of 1920s Lady Gaga

Источник http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20170920-the-extraordinary-life-of-the-19th-century-lady-gaga She was said to walk around Venice at night with her pet cheetahs, naked but for a fur cloak: Luisa Casati was both an...

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